Shocking News It Turns Out Dinosaur Forerunner Smaller Than A Iphone

The shocking news came from the world of dinosaurs where new facts were found that surprised various parties. Do you know that Kongonaphon kely, the forerunner of dinosaurs, turned out to have a smaller body size than your iPhone cellphone.

Kongonaphon kely
Kongonaphon kely

The dinosaur named Kongonaphon kely who was the predecessor of the flying pterosaurs surprised the world community, especially among fossil experts. This is because the size of the dinosaurs turned out to only have a height of only about 4 inches, according to a scientific review published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

These dinosaur fossils were found in Madagascar and are estimated to have originated 237 million years ago. Scientists estimate that this dinosaur was an adult dinosaur and not a dinosaur child fossil. This opinion was supported by the discovery of growth rings on his bones.

K. kelly is the smallest species known from the dinosaur morph family. In fact, several studies of Ornithodira have said that they have a small body. However, this latest discovery further confirms this.
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