How Does Marriage Reflect The Image Of God

In colossians 310 we see that the image of god definitely includes knowledge. It is no accident that human marriage provides language to explain christs relation to the church 2 cor.

God S First Purpose For Marriage Reflect His Image

how does marriage reflect the image of god

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Bible verses about marriage.

How does marriage reflect the image of god. In this session we will consider five aspects of gods plan for marriage. Marriages are to reflect gods image. He is trying to mock god.

He is trying to mar the very image of god expressed on this earth through the marital bond sexual and. The image of the church and christ as bride and groom is rooted in gods love for the hebrew people jeremiah 22 and in jesus own description of himself as the bridegroom mark 219. Understanding gods three purposes for marriage is a key step toward having a more fulfilling marriage.

To seek god and commune with him. In the image of god by christian marriage advice and help. In fact many believers have claimed to have had a direct experience of just such a reality through dreams and visions.

1213 so he willed for marriage to reflect this patternthat the husband and wife become one flesh gen. The relationship is to reflect the image of god genesis 126 27 so god created mankind in his own image in the image of god he created them. Center your attention on those words mirror his image.

Your marriage should reflect gods image to a world that desperately needs to see who. It tells us that when husbands truly love their wives and cherish them as their own flesh marriage becomes a way to describe christs own love for us. Notice the emphasis on image and likeness.

As god willed for christ and the church to become one body gal. Male and female. Then god said let us make man in our image in our likeness and let them rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air over the livestock over all the earth and over all the creatures that move along.

Gods plan for marriage is to reflect his image. And so we see why satan is so intent in defacing and destroying human sexuality and marriage. The hebrew word for mirror means to reflect god to magnify exalt and glorify him.

Gods desire for adam and eve and all married couples is to reflect him. Redeemed man unlike the animals has a capacity to become god like. The image should reflect the good graces that are included in gods character things like love goodness and kindness.

Gods first purpose for creating man and woman and joining them in marriage was to mirror his image on earth.

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